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Deidre Hall on what makes John and Marlena so popular  (via docandjohn4ever)Their devotion is so deep, Those two people are rock solid. And it’s part of what makes the couple so enduring and endearing, and it also gives them longevity. Because we need that couple on the show: We need that couple that is rock solid, unwavering. You know that whatever happens, they will always find their way home. So I think that’s important in a show, and we happen to be that couple.


John and Marlena 9/4/14

"I know what you’d say to me. You’d say, see you Doc. I’ll catch you on the other side. Let Eric have his justice. Let him have peace. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him but I love you. I love you so much. I can’t bear the thought of living without you.”

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Classic SOD Cover Date: May 5, 1998

Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn (Marlena & John, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Detective Brady, there’s been an incident on a truck down by the Salem Inn.

What kind of incident? … Oh. My. God.

Deidre Hall, on Marlena’s fears of losing John

Soap Opera Digest

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Marlena may have her problems with John, but the man in that hospital bed is still the man that she has always loved.

Why is he saying that?

Hope, am I funny?

Love their friendship, as ridiculous as the Gala turned out, and boy did all three of them deserve better.